In the spring of 2016 we were offered some Yacon starts, not knowing much about it. The tubers were really tasty. The staff loved ’em!

We started a bunch of new plants and sold them. We planted on for us, and here is the story.


We had to wait until it stopped growing, so with the start of a cold snap on December 6th, we harvested. Ours was grown in a pot. First I cut off the stems

img_1731 img_1727

Next, I dumped the contents out of the pot. Some of the tubers broke but were still good. Then I broke off the tubers as I washed away the soil. I had to cut off some because they were intertwined.

We are going to eat some and dry out the rest to see how they do.


I turned my attention to the purplish clumps at the base of the stems


Those I broke and cut into individual starts that I will let callus for a few days and then store in some moist sawdust for the winter


This plant has been pretty interesting. It can be grown in the ground or in a pot. Read our handout here.

-Brad Watts