Every Christmas season at Valley Nursery, we receive a nice selection of living Christmas trees. This year in particular, a new flavor showed up, which has me in awe. Abies Squamata, commonly known as Flaky Fir, gives the classic appeal of an upright fir with a peeling bark commonly unseen on conifers. Flaky Fir is native to China, mostly growing in sub-alpine regions around 4,000 feet. We’ve never seen this here before as nursery stock, but now that it’s here, we’re thrilled. This could be a conversation piece for all conifer collectors, or even a feature piece for the any landscape. Cones are another attractive feature of A. Squamata, appearing oblong and purple when young. Uncommon to most collectors, and overshadowed by the classics like that of the Noble and Fraser Fir, this Flaky gem could be the tree you’ve always wanted in the collection. We have 3 in stock and for sale as of Tuesday, November 29, and I expect keen eyes to swoop them up well before Christmas is here. From Valley Nursery to you, Happy Holidays! -Justin Robbins