Valnur Plant Bucks

For every $10.00 you spend (not including tax) you earn $1.00 in Valnur Plant Bucks starting January 2, 2019!



  • Plant Bucks can only be used on your PLANT purchases and only on plants that are in stock.
  • Valnur Plant Bucks must be matched by U.S. dollars. For example: Match $10.00 in Valnur Plant Bucks with $10.00 in cash and buy a $20.00 plant.
  • May not be combined with any other specials or discounts. ( ie. Discounted Gift Certificates, Coupons, Previously Discounted Plants, etc.)
  • Cannot be used towards purchase of bulbs or seeds.
  • Cannot be used towards purchase of cut trees, wreaths, or bulk cut greens.
  • No cash refunds or credits for unused Valnur Plant Bucks.