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Sam Says – September

Keep fallen fruit under trees picked up and disposed of to help reduce insect and disease problems next year. If infestations were severe, raking up fallen leaves as soon as they drop will also help prevent insects and disease. For garden areas not being used for...

Sam Says – August 2018

- Watch for powdery mildew on Dahlias, Squash, Grapes, Hollyhock, Sunflowers, Roses and other ornamentals. It’s a common plant disease caused by a fungus. It appears as grayish white powdery spots and patches on leaves and stems. Leaves eventually turn yellow and...

Sam Says – July 2018

Sam Says for July 2018   Remove the anthers from Asiatic lily flowers as soon as the flower opens. Doing so will keep the flowers In bloom longer. Be very careful not to get the brown pollen on you or your clothes, it will stain. Prune and add lime to lilac...


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