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Production Greenhouse Worker

You love plants/ Here’s an opportunity to get your hands dirty! We need a few people to help in our greenhouses growing plants for Valley Nursery. This job is seasonal, and commonly has an expiration date of Early June. This position can be up to 40 hours/week, or we can be flexible with your schedule. It’s hard work yet rewarding. This position involves bending, lifting, shoveling, watering and caring for great plants. The physical aspect of this position should not be overlooked. The pace is often brisk and often without supervision. Plant experience not necessary, but enthusiasm is! Inside work and outside work. Watch, learn, and have fun!


Annual House/Perennial House Assistant aka “Winger”

This position is in house at Valley Nursery, working directly with the public. This position includes watering, grooming, unloading, restocking, and customer assistance. This also is a physical position, all weather and on your feet all shift, moving and tagging plants, loading carts and general assistance. Plant knowledge not required, but helps. You must have a passion for plants and people. This position is seasonal. Job termination is typically Summer, but varies. Very fun, lively and active place to be within the company!

Cashier/Tally Staff

Cashiers are responsible for checkout, counting plants, and general customer service inquiries. Must have a great relationship with customers and guests. This applicant will maintain customer relationships through our loyalty program, file paperwork, process customer requests and more. If you enjoy people and love plant stories and sharing, this position is for you. Seasonal, part-time and full-time positions available