Climbing Roses found at Valley Nursery in Poulsbo, Washington


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This beautiful red color rose will re-bloom all season long on both old and new wood.


This magenta red to light pink flower color is suffused with cream white towards the center and outside of the petal.

Cecile Brunner

Beloved old-timer. Large airy clusters of small pointed pastel buds and creamy pink blooms. Mostly a spring bloomer on old wood.


This soft colored pink and yellow striped climber blooms continually throughtout the season exuding a slight scent of green apple.


Heavenly pink, damask-scented blooms blanket the lush green foliage of this hybrid climer.

Dublin Bay

Large, double flowers open to a true red in cool weather, but can take the heat as well. Blooms on new and old wood with climbing canes 8-10'. Moderately fruity fragrance and light green foliage.

Eden Climber

Large, old rose blooms open to reveal a large, blushing pink on white flower. Extremely winter hardy and disease resistant, this rose is sometimes slow to establish.


Flutterbye has large clusters of rich yellow, single petal blooms.  Can be used as a tall arching shrub or fanned out on a trellis as a climber.  Glossy foliage with great disease resistance.

Fourth of July

Fourth of July, the first climber to win the AARS award in 23 years, reaches skyward with a burst of vibrant colors just like the fireworks that inspired the name.


One of the top performers of all time. Great for hedges, in combination plantings with annuals, perennials and shrubs.

Joseph’s Coat

This ever so popular climber boasts double flowers of always changing hues of red, yellow, pink and orange. Unfortunately NOT hardy, it blooms on old and new wood and has a light tea fragrance.

Lemon Meringue                    

A good yellow Climber is hard to come by. This fragrant hardy hellow Climber is extraordinary.

New Dawn

A hardy old favorite. Sweet rose fragrance escapes the pink flowers from spring until summer. 18-20' tall.

Night Owl

Large, dark wine colored petals with bright yellow stamens and a moderate clove and spice fragrance. This climber has long lived blossoms with clean grey-green leaves. Climbing canes 10-14'. 

Pearly Gates

Here's a heavenly honey of a hard to come by hue in climbing roses...pure pastel pink. this gorgeous well-formed flowers are saturated with sweet spicy perfume.

Purple Splash - NEW - click here for photo

A whole new color in Climbers! These splashy colors of wine purple striped with bright white would look great against a bright green foliage.

Red Eden

The great red climber looks, feels and smells like the rose Eden Climber but it may be more fragrant and maybe a better and earlier bloomer in some climates.

Sky’s the Limit

With its ruffled buttery yellow, medium blooms, this climber is a fast grower. It will re-bloom the very first season and is very hardy for a yellow rose. Blooming in clusters and smelling of sweet fruit, this climber is a must have!

Smiley Face - NEW - photo to come

Description to come

Valentine's Day

 My love is like a red, red rose... and there ain't no redder red than this lovely little Climber. Clusters of double blossoms are the same clear velvet red from but finish.


A favorite among rose lovers, this climber/shrub has a beautiful blended apricot orange color and a strong spice and rose fragrance. Blooms on new and old wood, is naturally hardy and has highly disease resistant foliage.

White Dawn

Loads of bright white ruffled flowers come on this vigorous disease-resistant plant. blooms on new and old wood.

White Eden

Old-fashioned white flowers cover this very vigorous climber from head to toe in the spring and contrast nicely with its dark foliage.