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Sam Says – July

• Keep blueberry bushes well-watered to get the berries plump and juicy. If possible, keep moldy and bird damaged berries picked off. Blue berries freeze best if laid out on cookie sheets and frozen individually. After frozen, place in plastic bags or containers until...

Sam Says – June

Time to fertilize your lawn again. Mid-June is one of the four times recommended by the WSU Agronomist for fertilizing lawns in Puget Sound. The other three times are mid-September, 25 November and the 1st of May. We recommend Dr. Earth Super Natural Lawn Food or...

Sam Says – April

 Both Washington State and National Arbor Day will be celebrated this month. Washington Arbor Day is Wednesday April 10th, and National Arbor Day is on Friday, April 26th. These are especially good days to plant a tree or a shrub if your space is limited. We can...


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