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Sam Says – November

Continue picking up fallen fruit under trees. It is best not to compost the fruit especially if the tree suffered from apple/pear scab, apple maggots, or brown rot on peaches or cherry trees. Winterize Asparagus, Rhubarb and Artichokes after the first frost has killed...

Sam Says – October

Cover crops (green manure) can be planted in October and November. A mixture of vetch, clover and annual rye works very well. If you are not familiar with the benefits of a cover crop in your vegetable garden, give us a call. Or, you can pick up a copy of our Cover...

Sam Says – September

If potato vines have died down, dig up a few tubers. Rub the potato skin to see if they have hardened. If the skin comes off easily wait a week or two before harvesting. Store potatoes in a cool, even temperature, dark and fairly-humid place. Don’t let potatoes touch...


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